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The most capable products are only truly effective if they are properly used and applied in the intended way.  For this reason we place tremendous emphasis on training.

We provide our clients full hands-on specialist training conducted in a combination of the live environment and the class room either at the client’s premises or our specialist training facilities.

Courses can be tailored to meet your specific requirements; these can be as short as 2 hours or may take more than a week for complex scenarios, such as emergency bio-decontamination. It should be noted that all contractors must be certified prior to being allowed to use our product range this being key to ensuring overall integrity.

The following list provides examples of industries and people we train:-

  • Airline Crew
  • Airline Catering staff and contractors
  • Airline Maintenance
  • Underground system (TUBE-METRO) personnel
  • Railway Employees and Maintenance Personnel
  • Port Authority Staff – Maintenance Personnel
  • Hospital staff Medical
  • Hospital support workers – cleaners – catering – maintenance
  • Shipping – Cruise and Merchant personnel
  • Nuclear Biological Crews
  • Emergency Services
  • Military