Efficient Application Reduces Our Carbon Footprint.

In sensitive environments you expect thorough cleaning, but with today’s time constraints this is not always possible with conventional products and poorly trained staff.

At Vizexon we have created solutions to these problems by providing a wide range of specifically designed products supported by dedicated training team. The training team ensure that all products are used in the most efficient manner to avoid wastage.

Our products are distributed and dispensed through a variety of vending dispensers providing the exact quantities required. This method of distribution offers commercial value and cleaning quality, as well as significantly reducing payload during shipment ultimately reducing our carbon emissions and end user cost.

Our systems range from automated machines for vending consumables to ULV fogging appliances that can sanitise an aircraft cabin just minutes before take-off. A summary of vending systems is given below:

Biocide vending system: distribute on site for immediate use

HVAC system: disinfects air-conditioning or ventilation systems and is proven highly effective in sensitive locations, such as hospitals.

Air Curtains: provide an air curtain of disinfecting mist/fog that can be used to protect and decontaminate building entry and exit points. Safe for human passage.

Nurse Guard: Is a system that helps to ensure hospital staff regularly replenish the application of Vizexon hand gels at just the right time in order to provide continued protection.

In addition, our continuous development program ensures consistently high results over the long term. Vizexon can be used in diverse environmental conditions and can be developed to suit almost any requirement.